Bumping up your beach game, Platform Edition

On The Beach

I’ve never, NEVER, been a flip-flop fan. Sure, they’re easy, but I can’t help looking across hoards of foam, leather, and plastic-clad toes with one thing in mind: disappointment. Flip flops are a tirade of monotony every brilliant sun-swept summer day. Sandals are a yes, but the flip-flop division is a no-go.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but unless you’re getting super wasted, I can personally endorse platforms on the beach. They extend your legs while providing a wide surface area for weight distribution, and keep sand out of your shoes. (YAY)

Go for a pair with a level base or only slightly elevated heels. And always, ALWAYS, shoot for ankle straps. If you thought broken flip-flops were bad, try keeping a broken platform on your foot.

These are just some of the pairs I’ve been ogling recently.

Shades similar to your own skin tone, metallics, and neutrals are versatile on and off the sand. If platforms are out of your comfort zone, remember that balance is key. Flashy swimwear? Slip into more subdued feet candy. If you have a neutral swimsuit, opt for a flashy pair instead!

My Perfect Pairings:



 ZooShoe is a one-stop shop for beach-beckoning platform sandals, including the ones above.

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