Death by Brow.


If brows could kill, these would be they.


1) Use an eyebrow pencil to cut a straight line across the bottom of your brow.

2) Draw a line above your brow  1/2″ from your nose to the high point of your brow. Keep this line parallel to the lower line you’ve drawn.

*For this look, the inner corner of the upper brow should remain unlined. This gives the inner corner of your brow softness.

2) Sculpt the outer point by drawing another straight line from the highest outward peak of your brow to meet the line under your brow.

3) Clean up your outline with a sharp swipe of concealer. Tidying your shape ensures your brows are symmetrical.

4) Blend the pointy section of your top brow line (where your ‘arch’ is) to soften the sharp corner. Notice how the lines in this shape are sharp, but with the exception of the endpoint, their meetings are not.

5) Comb your brow hairs towards your temple and trim hairs that stray outside the shape.

6) Fill the inside brow area with powder.

7) Use your clear brow gel to comb your brows toward your temple again.


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